Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Night Life

A couple times in the past week either Kaylee or Zoe has gotten back outside after dark and refused to come in. Evening is a particularly quiet time on our street; on weeknights, all the neighbors are home by 7. This makes the dead-end street an ideal place for the cats, and they are all out chasing bugs under the streetlights.

Once one of the Stripe Sisters gets out, the other one sits in a window and yowls loudly and (apparently) incesssantly. I've given in to temptation and let them both out just to get some peace.

We have created a precedent, and it's a bad one.

Tonight I was determined to keep them in. They yowled. They were bored. Kaylee reverted to her old habit of attacking my bulletin board and removing the pushpins. I gave them catnip, but a half hour later they were back in my office, looking stoned AND bored. Finally I hauled out the garish nylon "cat tunnel," a long Y-shaped tube they can hide in. From the crashing and thumping I hear coming from the livingroom, it seems to be working.

But I have to admit, it's probably much more fun to hide under a bush on a warm evening and leap out at moths.

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