Sunday, February 20, 2005

A "Ten Things" list

According to some of the livejournal blogerati the latest meme (infectious idea) going around involves listing 10 things you've done that your friends probably haven't. On one hand there's a rather off-putting "nyah, nyah" tone to this, and, on the other hand, many of the things I've done that are that, uh, distinguishing aren't necessarily things I'd want to talk about.

That said, here's my (expurgated) list of Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't. I can hardly wait to see Zorg's list! [here it is, Zorg's List, and it's a lot more exotic than mine!]
  1. Herniated a disc by crawling under a hot tub and changing the tub filter.
  2. Worked my way through college as an art class model.
  3. Accidentally ordered a small octopus for lunch (I ate it).
  4. Lost a Virginia high school state speaking competition because the judges didn't like my Northern accent.
  5. Had the door to my apartment smashed into splinters in the middle of the night by someone I'd never met.
  6. Got two free cab rides in one year in Manhattan.
  7. Published (online) a comprehensive survey of mystery novels about cats.
  8. Wrote a graduate school thesis on the drug paraphernalia industry.
  9. Traveled with Stokely Carmichael.
  10. Used a minature video camera in 1968.

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