Thursday, May 13, 2004

Too early Thursday morning

This morning I went to a 7:30 donor's breakfast for the Puget Sound Revels, held at St. Mark's Cathedral on Capitol Hill. Getting there involved a short, unpleasant look at the I-5 bridge traffic, which I ducked under via Roosevelt, reminding myself to be very, very grateful that my office is in my house.

Not being a morning person, I was pretty startled to have a chorus of folks who obviously are early risers belting out English folksongs while I nibbled on a scone. The company was good, though, and so were the bumperstickers I saw in the St. Mark's lot on my way out, including "Bush on Mars in 2004." (For more such statements, see this site.)

Such humor, from a few months back, seems so quaint. Today the upcoming election is looking less like a political contest than a grotesque encounter between a traditional politician (Kerry) and a slime-covered creature from the black lagoon. How do you even began to get a strategic grip on something as putrid as the Bush presidency? No wonder Kerry acts rather puzzled.

I confess I'm waiting for the political cartoonist (David Horsey, perhaps?) who dares portray a pileup of members of the current administration, hooded and naked, with a couple of Iraqi citizens standing grinning behind them. It would be no less revolting than hearing Rumsfeld boast to reporters about his way of dealing with the public outrage about prisoner abuse ("I've stopped reading the papers," he chortled).

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