Thursday, April 29, 2004

Tips from the World-Class Shopper

If Dallas had internet cafes, I'd have been regaling you with tales of Euless Arbor Daze, the Brave Combo 25th anniversary party at the Sons of Hermann Hall, and The Pioneer restaurant near Grand Prairie. But that was last weekend...

Today I'm shopping online, and I just wanted to remind folks that before you click "buy" on your favorite site, check one of the discount sites for a code that might get you a discount or free shipping. One way to find the discounts is to google the name of the store where you're shopping ("Eddie Bauer" "Nordstrom") and the word "discount."

Or you can search for the store on a site like Daily eDeals or Today, both had the code I needed for free standard shipping on my order. Worth bookmarking.

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