Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday catty blogging

Instead of the traditional Friday cat blogging, we'll have Friday catty blogging, featuring the Washington Barbies. Different sites have variations on the list, so check out as many as you can stand.

The Northwest Barbies are FINALLY Available

Yay! A new iteration of the Washington Barbies!

Since North Seattle is represented only by the Laurelhurst Barbie, I'll add a few:

Ballard Barbie: A tall, sturdy blonde doll with khaki slacks (Nordstrom), a handknit Norwegian sweater, bright blue Gortex windbreaker, and clogs. Two blonde kids and a mini van. Matching Ken doll comes with an older Volvo, brand-new lawnmower, and a fully-equipped woodshop.

Fremont Barbie: A petite version of the Barbie doll with long, dark hair, lots of eye makeup, and a subtle tatoo. Optional face painting. Basic outfit is faded jeans, a black top, hand-made jewelry, and a big woven shoulder bag from a third world country. Additional outfits include belly dance costume and colorful tiered skirt with coordinated halter top. Shoes are optional. One or two kids (she's not always sure). Ken also has long hair and he, too, could be wearing a skirt. Or a utilikilt. Vehicle? Bio-diesel vehicle for her, mountain bike or unicycle for him.

Green Lake Barbie: This Barbie comes equipped with a cotton/Lycra exercise outfit for walking around Green Lake and a Starbucks card to keep her in grande soy lattes. Accessories include small to mid-size dog and identically dressed Midge doll for accompanying her on walks. Ken? She's all about looking for Ken.

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