Sunday, February 03, 2008


"Is that a tat?" probably stands as the weirdest question anyone has ever asked me.

They were doing body painting last night at the Fremont Arts Council benefit, a Mardi Gras party called Carnivale Voodoo, and I got painted with a hibiscus. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to have that as a tattoo (even as a "temporary airbrush tattoo", or, as I discovered they're called, a "tat").

It was a fabulous party, and not nearly as crowded as I'd thought it would be. Captain Leroy and the Zydeco Locals played, and most of the dancers either knew how to Zydeco or knew how to do something else that worked. I ran into some Zydeco friends I hadn't danced with in years.

It being the Fremont Arts Council crowd, the costumes were stunning -- flashy and festive. I didn't stay for the midnight parade, but my vote for the best costume goes to the fellow I collided with over by the bar. Short and slight, he was wearing a Beatles-type brown moppy wig, big black-frame glasses, a red velvet Edwardian suit, and a white cravat. "Are you feeling randy?" he purred, happily invading my personal space. Fortunately, I recognized his character and shot back "Oh, behave!" and "Austin Powers" disco-danced off into the crowd.

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