Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vista bombs

Around dinnertime Saturday evening our neighborhood was shaken by the sound of bombing. I thought "Fireworks?" and we looked out at Shilshole, where neighborhood kids will often set off fireworks in a empty parking lot. But...nothing. The noise was deeper than fireworks -- truly much more like artillery fire.

The loud "bombing" continued at intervals, and we were puzzled. We looked at some online local news sites, but they made no mention of it. I looked outside and noticed that there were no airplanes (we live on a flight plath for Sea-Tac airport). Had air traffic been grounded because of some sort of attack?

The din finally stopped. A while later Zorg heard from another player in World of Warcraft that the noise had been from a Microsoft publicity stunt connected with the release of the latest Windows operating system, Vista -- a massive fireworks display a few miles to the southeast, on Lake Union.

Accounts of the display, from people with a view of Lake Union, say that it was absolutely spectacular. For those of us without a sightline to the event, it was just disquieting and annoying.

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