Monday, January 08, 2007

Plane crackers

It was the usual Southwest trip -- left on time, got in ahead of schedule, comfy leather seats, and an empty middle seat in the row I shared with a fellow who commutes between Bellingham and Baja.

Southwest has, thankfully, removed the rancid party mix from its snack menu and substituted a custom product (by Nabisco) called "plane crackers." (See picture.)

The only off-note was Godzilla the Goth in the seat in front of me. About 7 feet tall, he was a rocker and a bouncer, who kept dislodging the tray table so it unlatched and plummeted into my lap. There's one on every flight...

At baggage claim I got talking to a delightful fellow traveling with a banjo. Turns out he's a friend of friends of mine in Bellingham -- and an amazingly generous person. He had a rental car lined up, and delivered me right to the door of my hotel in downtown San Francisco. What a great start to Macworld!

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