Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kaylee turns pro

Cats have a special meow for emergencies.

It's a deep, insistant, wild sort of meow. But instead of "Quick! Timmy's fallen down the well!" it means something like "Quick! The rat I brought in has fallen down the shaft of your $200 Nordstrom boot!"

Our little mini-kitty, Kaylee, an energetic half-Abyssinian tabby, has been playing "Mousie" with me for two years now. A couple of times a day she pounds on the mirror on the door of my office until I throw a half dozen rabbit-fur mice up in the air for her to catch.

Today she turned pro, bringing a live rat onto the playing field. Zorg put the rat out, and Kaylee went back after it a few times, obviously hunting. When she came in she sounded the emergency meow, clearly upset about the rat's disappearance. A while ago I heard thumping in the livingroom and saw that she'd not only found it, she'd apparently bounced it to death.

I gave the rat a decent burial, and Kaylee went upstairs for a nap. But she looks somehow...different. Is that a killer gleam in her eye?

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