Wednesday, November 22, 2006

iPod trance

My new iPod shuffle, a gift from my mom, arrived from Amazon today. It is TOO CUTE!

Zorg saw it and said "That's the whole iPod?" Then he picked it up and went into the same trance-like state that I had experienced a few weeks ago when a friend showed me his.

Zorg handed it back and wandered off, muttering "I've got to have one of those."

It's about half the size of a book of matches, and clips onto your shirt. It charges by sitting on a tiny little dock (also too cute) connected to your computer.

Yes, it holds 1 GB of music or data.

I just noticed that the only shuffle shown on the "Stuff on My Cat" website is the old shuffle. I can't believe no one has clipped the new one onto their kitty and taken a picture. Oh Kaylee,, kitty, kitty, kitty....

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