Friday, October 13, 2006

Horsey moments

When I think back on hot political and social issues of the past few years, what I often remember about them is a David Horsey cartoon. Horsey, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist (who happens to work for the Post-Intelligencer), has an unparalleled ability to portray a group, or a movement, as an individual. My all-time favorite Horsey drawing showed individuals from four Seattle communities each expressing his or her own group's highly intolerant NIMBY attitudes. The more distinctive their appearances and language, the more hilarious was the underlying similarity of their views. My runner-up favorite Horsey is one of Deborah Senn (remember her?) digging ferociously in the couch cushions to find the remote control while a TV screen in the background showed her victorious opponent for the Senate race, Maria Cantwell.

Today's Horsey (Oct. 13) is a tasteful and delightful take (really) on the Foley scandal featuring the Republican elephant and a young member of the Christian Right.

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