Saturday, April 02, 2005


Kaylee: Here she invited us to do the Friday catblogging, and she's posting it a day late. Sheesh!

Zoe: Hey, it's probably because of her tendonitis. That's why we were invited to do the catblogging in the first place, remember?

Kaylee: I thought it was because we're cats.

Zoe: We're CATS?

Kaylee: Let's get to the blogging.

Zoe: OK. It's been a great week. Towels, still hot from the dryer, got piled on the diningroom table and we got to them before they could be compressed into those unappealing little rectangular layers.

Kaylee: I beg to differ. That big 20" monitor Sheba's been napping on for four years vanished from the office and was replaced by a 23" flat monitor. Sheba had to knock the PowerBook off the iCurve and walk all over the screen, then chew on the powercord of the new monitor, before they did anything about it. They've replaced the 20" monitor perch with a basket covered with a faux fur throw rug. It's not as warm, but at least we can see out the window again.

Zoe: A new flavor of Fancy Feast, flaked fish and shrimp, has appeared on the menu. It's excellent. No more of that insipid Turkey Feast.

Kaylee: On behalf of Betaille, I have to report that they still haven't installed the new cat door in the basement, so she is without access to basement at night. As a result, she has been forced to take shelter in the house with Sheba and us a couple time in the past week.

Zoe: And it's been so much fun hiding behind the curtains and leaping out at her.

Kaylee: I think we've reached the word limit for blog entries.

Zoe: There's a word limit?

Kaylee: Look! It's a piece of dental floss! Go for it.


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