Sunday, February 06, 2005

More caching adventures

Today we went off in search of the locationless "Terra" cache again, this time in Seattle. The plan was to walk to Fremont, but halfway there we got caught in a squall. We came home and changed clothes, then drove to Fremont and found a cutesy card shop at the address that some years ago had apparently housed an establishment called "Terra Cotta."

So, still no Terra cache. Zorg says he has completely lost faith in Dex directory listings, where he'd gotten the list of Seattle area establishments with "Terra" in the name.

Today's pizza hunt was more successful. We found decent slices at Mad Pizza in Fremont. The crust is truly superb, light and crisp, though the red sauce is dominated by bitter-tasting dried oregano. Frustrating--that would be so easy to fix!

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