Thursday, January 13, 2005

Yum! Macworld

I'll blog about Macworld when I get back to Seattle, but just for now, some notes on food:

Last night Harold took me to a new bistro on Russian Hill called Luella. Very elegant (done in sage greens and walnut brown), not particularly pricey. Signature side dish is polenta fries. These are quite a bit larger than french fries, filled with fine polenta with such a crispy exterior that I suspect an egg batter.

Food at Macworld is the usual convention center food in the Moscone (to be avoided if you have time to leave the building for alternatives). Fortunately, there are outstanding selections next door at the Sony technology center. The noodle place now has about 300 selections of soups, stir fries, and such. The cold noodles with shredded chicken and sesame sauce remains a favorite. Today I went to the Firewood at the Sony and, instead of having their thin crust pizza, I got the appetizer sampler with dolmathes, grilled eggplant, goat-cheese stuffed peppers, and tossed mozzarella and tomatoes. A great vegetarian choice.

The show is very upscale this year; not many small vendors with weird stuff, and, unfortunately, no big MacWarehouse booths selling all the cables and memory card readers you forgot to bring with you. Lots of bags, iPod accessories, and all the big vendors for printing, photography, peripherals, and music.

My vote for most astonishing software goes to Kinoma. Through some combination of TiVO, USB add-on for the TiVo, the Mac with Kinoma's $30 software, and your Treo, you end up watching full length movies on the Treo. Arcane, but useful for plane flights. I have no doubt that this works, but am wondering how much time and effort it takes to move the video from TiVo to Treo; and if my Treo has enough memory without adding a memory stick.

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