Thursday, January 06, 2005

It had to happen

From John Paczkowski's lively Good Morning Silicon Valley column:

"According to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, 5 percent of Windows machines crash, on average, twice daily. So odds were that it was only a matter of time before Gates found himself standing before an audience of thousands with the infamous Blue Screen of Death behind him. And that's exactly what happened yesterday. In his annual keynote address at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Gates re-iterated Microsoft's ambitious vision of digital entertainment (sorry folks, no new products), in a presentation beset by technical gaffes ranging from a frozen digital-photo slideshow to the aforementioned BSoD.. Gates, it should be noted, handled the cockups particularly well, graciously suffering the quips of celebrity guest Conan O'Brien, with whom he shared the stage. "I don't know who's running things here," O'Brien joked during Gates' ill-starred slide show. "Who's in charge of Microsoft?" he asked, looking at Gates. "Oh."

O'Brien later says of his Vegas experiences with Gates, "I got so drunk that I woke up with a hooker, Bill got so drunk he woke up with an Apple computer."

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