Monday, January 31, 2005

Spinning my wheels with Sears

Sears' web site service allows me to get all the way to the page where you pay for the parts you are ordering--and then it stalls out. This has been going on for years. I keep thinking they'll fix it, trying to order online, but ending up calling the parts ordering number. As I did last week when I needed new wheels for our vacuum cleaner.

Today a confirmation letter arrived in the mail saying that they'd shipped the new wheels January 25. The confirmation letter arrived January 31. The wheels, sent via DHL, did not.

Using the DHL tracking number in the confirmation letter, I discovered that DHL has no record of my package.

I then called the "order status" phone number provided in the Sears confirmation letter. I listened to the long menu of things, none of which were "order status." I asked for Customer Service, and she cheerfully transferred me to Parts. Parts cheerfully said she need to transfer me to Customer Relations (apparently different from Customer Service). Didn't get to find out, because her transfer disconnected me. I got a message telling me to please re-dial the 1-800 number.

I then called back to the main number and was placed on hold multiple times listening to a hideously cheerful voice chirping "Sears. Good life, great price." Finally got through to Parts again, and was again transferred to Customer Relations, which informed me that the DHL tracking procedure outlined in the confirmation letter "never works." And that they have no idea where my wheels are, but will get back to me.

Sears. "Good life, great price." Good grief.

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