Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I'll never be a photo blogger

The first ripe tomato appeared in the garden today.

I ate it.

With a small basil leaf as garnish. It was an orange cherry tomato from a plant that volunteered from last year's crop. Texture: B. Flavor: A-.


  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    I hope you've tried a little buffalo mozarella, olive oil, salt & pepper with your next tomato. I'm sure part of the reason I love Italy so much is because of their Insalate Caprese! ;)

    Nancy in San Francisco (the one who wrote you for advice about the chair)

  2. Unfortunately, the fresh mozzarella in Seattle is but a shadow of the buffalo mozzarella I had when I lived in Genova. An Italian friend of mine tried to start the first buffalo mozzarella farm in the U.S., but ended up doing website localization at Apple. He does, however, make a very good limoncello sold under the label Marchesa -- easy to get in California.