Thursday, August 14, 2008

Desk shrine

When I went out this morning to my summer office, this is what I found on the desk:

I ate the blueberries.


  1. The flowers are lovely. But what's up with the wood? Some kind of feng shui thing? I better your summer office is lovely....

    And please don't hate me, but I must tag you. Peer pressure and all. You understand.

    Please check my blog.

  2. The wood? Who knows! Three other areas of my patio were decorated as well. The decorator is the five-year-old girl who lives next door. Her parents are in the middle of a remodeling project, hence the wood. There was also a chair, not pictured, decorated with flowers and raspberries!

    I have taped a colorful "thank you" note to the table for her to find on her next visit.

    The is actually the second time I've been "decorated." I mentioned this to the parent the first time, and they were quite surprised.