Friday, April 11, 2008

Books, books, books

Another action-packed day:

  • Wrangle with mom by phone (multiple calls)
  • Follow up on contacts from last night's SEO seminar
  • Attempt to write press release for client
  • Several loads of laundry
  • Turn off TimeMachine to restore normal computer speed
  • Order new cat tags for Smokey
  • Zorg home early; errands with him in town
  • Cook macaroni and cheese using authentic 1960's recipe
  • Seattle Friends of the Library book sale at Magnuson Park with book collector friend
  • Feed cats for friends who are on vacation

The book sale was a trip; it's going on all weekend, and well worth visiting. Paperbacks, many of them brand new, unread donations, are 50 cents each. Trade paperbacks and many excellent hardbacks are just $1. There is also a Better Books section and a Rare Book section, both with extremely reasonable prices.

I bought lots of foreign mystery and some science fiction collections, along with a few novelty items and a collectible, signed James Blaylock novel.

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