Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I went to the Starbucks annual meeting this morning and found myself comparing the presentation to an Apple MacWorld keynote. At first, I thought this wasn't fair because Apple has, in addition to MacWorld, a low-key annual meeting. But after Chairman Howard Schultz and CEO Jim Donald trotted out first the President of Rwanda (in person) and then Sir Paul McCartney (by satellite feed from London) I realized the Starbucks annual meeting just rolls the two speeches into one. Let's call it the LatteWorld keynote.

With these comparisons in mind, I came home and logged on to find that the Motley Fool investment site is also comparing the two companies -- from an investment perspective as part of a "March Madness" feature. The result?

I agree with this analysis that Apple wins. But note that while I'm blogging on my Mac I'm sipping a (Starbucks-owned) Tazo tea.

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