Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bag sighting

A few weeks back I blogged at length about the search for a replacement for my old Ellington backpack (discontinued by the manufacturer). I continued to browse both backpacks and messenger backs, from el-cheapo travel gear to massively overpriced designer bags in sumptuous pebble leather. Without any luck. I'm currently using a cheap but well-organized messenger bag that Zorg squinted at and termed "very '80s." (I think it's the thin leather).

Today, I spotted a great dressy backpack. In leather, no less. It was on the back of a woman at the Anthony's Oyster Festival. Turns out the bag is made by Libaire, a small leather goods company in California that I'd never come across in any of my online or in-store searching.

But, sure enough, there's a Libaire site, with a full catalog, online; the bag comes in a choice of some traditional colors, plus a choice of brass or nickle zipper pulls. I've saved a search for it on eBay, but if a nice one doesn't turn up in a few weeks, I'll probably break down and buy it retail.

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