Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Southwest Airlines recommended that I reschedule my flight to Albany, so now I'm flying out Friday morning; if I make the connection in Baltimore, I should be on the floor at the Dance Flurry by 9 p.m. When I called the hotel to rearrange my booking there, the clerk cheerily said they have 3 feet of snow and a wind chill factor of 25 degrees below zero.

I remember why I moved to Seattle.

Meanwhile, the folks at have a pair of videos that remind me why I still miss New Haven: Pepe's white clam pizza with fresh clams, oregano and lots of garlic. (Watch the part near the end where they show the semolina underneath the crust.) And Louis Lunch, home of the hamburger. They explain why there's absolutely no ketchup allowed. Just cheese, tomato, and onion, and fresh-ground beef served on toasted bread. (They pronounce it "Louis Lunch" but the locals say it "Louie's Lunch.")

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