Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Food associations

I'm involved in a cookbook project, and over the past few days we've been testing Thanksgiving recipes. Last night several adventurous friends were guinea pigs for a beta test of turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and candied sweet potatoes -- plus a salad and strawberries. Those last two weren't part of the official test menu, but I added them for nutritional balance. I couldn't even begin to imagine serving pumpkin pie in August!

Bottom line: There was lots of food, most of it with more carbs, sugar, and fat than you'd encounter at the average dinner. (This is not a diet cookbook.)

The weird thing was that after we'd eaten and cleaned up (more pots, pans, and dishes that you'd encounter at the average dinner, for sure) I realized I wanted pumpkin pie. Apparently the taste of pumpkin pie is somehow hardwired into my personal Thanksgiving equation:

Turkey + stuffing + cranberries + pumpkin pie = Thanksgiving

Fortunately, I don't like most store-bought pies, and wild horses couldn't have gotten me back in front of the stove again last night, so there was no possibility of getting a pumpkin pie. Still, it kept appearing in my thoughts all night long.

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