Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A different view

We live in a small neighborhood of 1-1/2-story houses. In the four years that we'ved lived here, enjoying a view of the water and the mountains beyond, no one downhill from us has raised the roof. Until last month.

New owners of a house one block west -- the house directly between us and the water -- ripped off their roof and began to build upward. Rumors were they were going to go up 36 feet. As it turned out, they went up only five feet, but that five feet neatly erased the view of the Sound from our livingroom, kitchen, and front porch.

We can still see the mountains, but I will miss sitting at the kitchen table, drinking tea and watching the freighters coming and going.

Upstairs, the view from our bedroom and balcony remains pretty much the same -- theoretically. But in practice, that's compromised as well. The remodeled house has a new dormer that looks right into our bedroom, meaning that we now get a choice between open drapes and a view and closed drapes and privacy.

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