Thursday, February 09, 2006

Purrs on Wheels

Our elderly Himalayan-Abyssinian cat, Betaille, has always been known for her impeccably groomed coat of apricot fur, tipped with black. Unfortunately, she's getting too old and frail to groom herself thoroughly. Last summer, when she was recovering from thyroid treatment and particularly fragile, I did some research on cat grooming services and discovered one that will come to your house (we had to pay a small surcharge because our neighborhood lies just outside their usual service area).

At the appointed hour, a big camper van with "Purrs on Wheels" on the side pulled into the driveway, and a cheery young woman wearing a pastel salon smock came to the door. She plugged an extension cord into an outlet in the garage, and then collected an incredulous Betaille. The first treatment was a full lion cut (the cat is shaved, except for head and tail). Betaille emerge from the van bathed, perfumed, blow-dried -- and furious. (Amazingly, the groomer was unscathed, and still smiling.) The cat looked a bit odd, but she was able to keep herself very tidy through the winter.

We had a followup visit from Purrs on Wheels today, for a less agressive trim and no perfume. This time Betaille didn't seem to mind it a bit. In fact, she was her usual self -- well, as soon as I removed the frilly red bow from her head.

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