Monday, March 05, 2012

What on earth is wrong with Google?

I've squawked about Google+ at length on the WriterWay blog, but now I'm realizing they've done things to Blogger that have made a once user-friendly piece of blogging software into a  mysterious morass of strange icons. It looks like an Excel spreadsheet with one big cell.

I used to love blogging with Blogger and now I can hardly wait to get back to WordPress (where my public blogs are).

Perhaps I'm just grouchy because I woke up this morning with a migraine, took a lot of caffeine, bundled up and headed out in the rain, caught the overheated bus to an unparkable section of downtown (thank you, Mayor McGinn), discovered my interviewee had cancelled, stood in the rain for a bus back to Ballard, got home, got in the tub, got back in bed, and slept for the rest of the day. I now have something that's a cross between a mild flu, a mild cold, and a mild headache, and would be happy to spend the next 24 hours in bed.

Meanwhile, my email inbox has filled up with a wide range of messages, most of them having to do with all the travel I have planned for the next several months.

Thanks to Google linking the identity I use for this blog to one of my Google+ accounts, I'm now not quite sure who reads this blog. I'm reluctant to reveal when and where I travel — not for security reasons but because people seem to want to argue me out of traveling to places that I want to go on the grounds that I should be either visiting them or traveling somewhere with them instead. Thus, I'll be vague...

• Florida to visit my mom next week
• a night at Norwescon (yes, probably more like a Marx Brothers films than you'd suspect) in early April
• a book-browsing jaunt to one of the world's most amazing bookstores in mid-April (with two friends)
• teaching a website-planning seminar at a convention in the D.C. area in mid-May (maybe see some high school friends?)
• Fourth Street convention in Minneapolis in late June
• Breitenbush in Oregon mid-July...maybe...
• Foolscap in Redmond in late September

Tom discovered last week that it's almost as cheap to fly to Venice to deliver a batch of prints than it is to ship them (given Italian customs and courier prices for large artwork). However, by the time you figure in airfare for both of us, and a hotel...well, we're still thinking about it!

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