Sunday, January 30, 2011

Facebook weirdness

I'll bet you are expecting me to write about Macworld 2011, where I've been all week, but I'm going to write about Facebook instead.

This afternoon my Ballard next-door neighbor, Gwen, commented on Facebook that she'd just seen Green Hornet and it was horrible. I left a comment agreeing that it was awful. A couple of hours later I got an email from Facebook that contained a subsequent comment in the Green Hornet thread, left by a friend of Gwen's named Sasha.

Here's the weird part: I realized when I saw her last name that Sasha is someone I already knew...because she was my next-door neighbor when I lived in Wallingford 10 years ago.

Good grief. I mean, what are the chances of your next-door neighbors from two different neighborhoods knowing each other?

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