Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weird things in the garden

Every time I look out in the garden, I see something else strange.

I just looked out the window from my office and saw a gigantic, six-foot weed in my neighbor's yard, towering over the fence. I hope I remember to get over there tomorrow and pull it out. He doesn't garden.

Friday after work I went out into the back garden and came to grips with the fact that a perfectly innocent hardy geranium that I've had for more than 10 years in a concrete pot somehow got loose and took root (via seeds) all over the back garden beds, crowding out the blue star creeper and various other things. Little yellow poppies were about to crowd out the strawberries, but I removed them.

My take on this is that the relentlessly damp spring has coddled the plants into producing shallow roots (that will be the death of them once it stops raining) and the weeds are poised to overrun everything by August. It's hard to get excited about summer at the moment.


  1. Anonymous11:02 AM

    So how do you know he/she isn't raising weeds?

  2. That's easy: He hasn't set foot on his lawn for about three years. This guy is strictly "put car in garage, go out on second floor balcony with a beer." Every Thursday my former lawn services stops by his place and mows the dandelions/lawn. The weed crop is under what used to be the shrubbery border — now a 15-foot forsythia towering over my yard.