Friday, July 27, 2007

Solo cat bathing

Having pretty much blogged myself silly yesterday for a client, I decided to take Friday off and make it a long weekend. Ballard shops are having sidewalk sales in anticipation of the weekend Ballard Seafood Fest, and I thought I'd get first shot at the discounted merchandise.

Someone forgot to tell Betaille, our elderly long-haired cat, about my plans. She had a horrible morning and wound up needing a bath. Things were so bad, she actually asked for a bath.

I had never washed her solo before -- usually I stand in the tub, bottle of cat shampoo in hand, and Zorg nabs and then hands over the struggling feline. But Betaille put up no resistance when she heard the tub being filled. I was able to hold her in one arm without being clawed too much, slather her with shampoo with the other hand, and proceed just by dunking her vigorously in and out of the bathwater. She squeaked perfunctorily with each dunk, and it was hard not to laugh. After I released her, I got to wash towels and a bathmat, wash the tub, and then take a shower. So I got a rather late start on the day.

Eventually, I was able to walk into town and get to a few sales. Collective, the retro furniture shop on Ballard Avenue had much of its vintage patio furniture on sale. I was disappointed to see that the curved metal bench (that matches some of our patio stuff) was not marked down. I'd been eyeing it all summer. I went in and asked why it wasn't on sale, and the manager said "Because I forgot to mark it down. What do you want to pay for it?" I offered half the marked price, and he said "Sold."

I drove back at the end of the day to pick it up, and it's now in the back yard. There are at least three places it could go, so I expect to get a lot of mileage out of it. And will probably paint it which to match the other pieces...though the black is rather nice...Photos to come.

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