Saturday, July 01, 2006

More reflections on customer service

I regret that I'm too sleepy to give these folks the props they deserve, but

  • Rainier Industries. Installed the new awning just as I'd requested. And called the next day to make sure we were happy with it.
  • High Road Automotive. Called to correct some information they'd given me yesterday when I asked about the condition of a head gasket when I picked up my car after its oil change.
  • Our lawn service guy, who took action after I complained about the terrible job his new crew did on our lawn. He fired one of the two guys (I was the third customer to complain last week), and came to the house to apologize and to ask me if I would agree to have the other fellow on that crew, who he feels was not to blame, continue to work on our lawn if supervised. Plus, he re-seeded the part of the lawn that was damaged.
  • The Designer Consigner in Edmonds. The salesperson listened to my comments about pants not fitting unless they were a petite size; she went and hunted down some petite capris she was sure would fit me...and they did.
  • Purrs on Wheels (mobile cat grooming). Brandi, the owner, called to let me know she would be a few minutes late arriving to groom our cat Betaille today. Betaille is old and cranky and a bit paranoid but Brandi is so good with her that I think Betaille actually likes to be shampooed and trimmed! She's been purring happily all evening.
All this more than offsets the clueless door company, which received our new screen door early last week but still hasn't called to set up an installation time.

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