Friday, January 13, 2006

Google Earth

We're back from Macworld, tired, but installing all our software updates. Google released Google Earth for Mac, and I just tried it out and took a look at our house. The detail -- right down to garden benches and patio furniture -- is rather scary. The feeling that big brother is watching was dispelled slightly when I noticed that the photo is not current. It had to have been taken more than a few months ago, as our neighbor Steve's car appears parked at it's usual rakish angle in front of his house. (He's since moved into assisted living, and the car has been sold.)

The Mac version is apparently not as full-featured as the Windows flavor. Here's a review by a power user.

I wonder if you can subscribe to a satellite view and have the updated photo sent to you each time one becomes available? I'd be interested in having a record of neighborhood changes over time...

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