Sunday, May 15, 2005

A good day

Nothing, but nothing, can make you appreciate a quiet Sunday morning, cornflakes and tea at the kitchen table, than a 9 a.m. call from a friend who is somewhat blearily asking for a recommendation for an emergency plumbing service!

I sent them to a service we'd summoned three years ago to remove a backlog of dead rodents from the sewer pipe of the new house we'd just purchased. (Phew!)

If I'd been able to find a copy of Checkbook, the local consumer magazine we subscribe to, I'd have activated my account for their website and checked their ratings. Unfortunately, you need your number from the mailing label to set up a web account. Grrrr.

We have an fine regular plumber, but he does remodeling projects and is not likely to zip over on Sunday morning to troubleshoot an emergency unrelated to a current project.

Steady rainfall appears to preclude another day of gardening, but I am enjoying the sunshine vicariously. I can see it, across the Sound, on the Olympic mountains, and am thinking of some lucky Bainbridge Island gardener having coffee out in her garden.

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